3 Nail Art Designs You Try At Least Once This Year!


nail art designs

Hey, are you obsessed with trendy nail art designs and desire to have them to make your fingers look fancy? Well, we have shared some inspiration here that you can use to get your favorite nail art looks! Have a look:

Natural and gold nails:

If you want to get nail art but don’t want your nails to look too extravagant, natural and gold nail designs are a great way to go for. On a natural base, the gold designs create an exceptional look, no matter which pattern you choose, hearts, stars, or flowers.

Ombre nails:

Another one we want to suggest is ombre nails if you are fond of rainbow nails. You can choose a single shade on a nude base or go for different color designs and ask our manicurists to mix them to bring a unique effect!

Minimal art:

Sometimes, less looks perfect, especially when it’s nails! You can just choose a clear base coat and gold seashells, crystals, or pearls for the decor. It’s a pretty, elegant, and minimal nail art that you will definitely fall for!

So, which one do you love of all three? Let us know! Make sure you pick the one that goes perfectly with your nail shape and finger length.

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