Love beautiful nails? And want to have them in the healthiest way? Try our SNS nail technique! SNS manicure is also known as Signature Nails System. And to get the finest SNS manicures in Avondale, Phoenix, and Tolleson you have to visit Element Nails Bar! We are considered one of the few SNS nail spots throughout the valley. We take pride in our large base of satisfied customers who love our nail salon services! We also offer a wide spectrum of SNS nail tints, unlike many other salons!

SNS nail is a system that can be considered a healthier alternative to the original manicure. SNS is renowned as the best nail dipping system that helps accentuate and extend natural fingernails. In the first step, a light gel base is applied on the bare nail surface and then the nail is dipped into a specially colored powder. This special powder helps in healing and strengthening the natural nail while preventing breakage.


The best reason to choose SNS nails is it is chemical and toxin-free, unlike many other nail-enhancing techniques! The gel and acrylic manicures are not recommended because these simply destroy the natural nail bed. However, as long as you stick to natural nail techniques, you can easily avoid these problems! Element Nails Bar offers the best SNS manicures in town, combining SNS dipping powder with the best dip powder and top-quality dip gel. The dip powder and dip gel contain organic products and thus, these are safer for not only your nails but also for your health.



SNS nail technique not only enhances the aesthetics of your nails but also boosts their health. The Vitamin E and Calcium in the dipping powder make the nails grow stronger and healthier. The powder is much thinner and lightweight than shellac/gel manicure, and feels much more natural/breathable on your nails.


SNS nail technique adds a natural appearance and extends your nails in a healthy way without feeling painful and/or heavy on your fingertips. The product used in this technique is incredibly strong. Also, it looks slim on your nails, assuring a more comfortable and trendier look. So, instead of trying those heavy, thick acrylic tips, try dip gel and dip powder available on the market. Even shellac can’t get you the natural, durable, finishing as the SNS manicure.


It needs no refills and this is the best thing about SNS manicure. It lasts up to 4 weeks. The extended nail does not cause any damage to the nail. Not even it needs replacement to last up to a month. SNS nail extensions and manicures need minimal maintenance. That means no need to visit the salon every week for maintenance.


It is really possible to get healthier nails by having an SNS manicure! This is because this nail system is absolutely toxin-free. And trying this can bring health benefits for your nails due to the extra vitamins loaded in the dipping powder. The elements that the dipping powder and dipping gel consist of are mentioned below:

The chemicals that come in these are only benzoyl peroxide, titanium dioxide, and acrylic ester polymer. The gel and powder contain all organic ingredients! And these ingredients simply replace the toxic formaldehyde, DBP’s, and toluene. These harsh elements cause endocrine system disturbances! So, by choosing SNS nails over any other nail techniques, you can easily avoid the risk!


SNS manicure will fit your budget since it is cost-effective! Thus, not only do you get chemical-free, lasting, and beautiful nails, but it is going to save bucks! SNS nails may look high-end, but it is not going to burn your pockets. Beautiful, quality and enduring nail techniques don’t always have to be heavy on your pocket.

At Element Nails Bar, we offer the best SNS nail salon services at a neat and most hygienic ambiance. We use the highest quality products and offer a complete range of the best SNS nails services. We believe that maintaining your hygiene is not only important for your health, but also for your appearance. So, why wait? Accentuate the appearance and health of your nails by setting up an appointment in one of our beautiful and well-equipped offices. From us, you will get affordable nails that will last for an entire month at the most reasonable expense! If you have any queries or if you want to book an expert consultation, call us today.