Dipping powder nail salon

A Dipping Powder Nail Salon’s Guide: How Long SNS Nails Last!

Dipping powder nail salon

If you are tired of visiting nail salons every week for manicures, it’s time to switch to SNS nails. It’s different from regular gel polish and lasts longer if taken care of properly.

But if you wonder how long it lasts, you should follow this guide shared by our dipping powder nail salon. See here:

Well, dip powder manicure is the latest trend because of its long-lasting features. According to manicurists, SNS nails last around four weeks or more with proper maintenance. And in between that time, you don’t have to worry about nail lifting or chipping, which means there will be no painful broken nails!

But no matter how durable dipping powder nails are, your way of maintenance plays a great role in how long these nails last. For example, lifting heavy objects, gardening, washing dishes, or other household chores that involve your nails too much can cause chips or cracks on these SNS nails. So, be careful whenever carrying out such tasks!

We hope our guide is helpful to you. And if you need dip powder nails, schedule an appointment at our nail salon. Our manicurists will provide the latest SNS nail art design as you desire! Stay in touch!

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