Trying Eyelash Extensions for The First Time? – Know These First!!

Your wish for natural, lengthy lashes without using any mascara can come true if you try eyelash extension! Definitely, long eyelashes are a desirable look for every woman because they make your eyes look bigger, wider, and even more feminine. If you are not satisfied with your thin lashes, try eyelash extensions! These will surely contribute to making your eyes even more appealing.

But wait a moment! When you are going to try eyelash extensions, you need to consider much more than beauty. Are you a candidate for eyelash extension? Which style are you going to try? Are there any side effects? Is there any way it could harm your eyes? ……………Relax, get convincing answers below!

What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are artificial single lashes attached to your natural lashes. These extensions are going to make your lashes look thicker and longer. Not only that but also, this helps to open up tired-looking eyes while improving facial features and boosting confidence. Basically, two kinds of lash extensions are available: the classic and the volume.

Classic Extensions

During this procedure, the technicians apply 1 extension per 1 natural eyelash. They will help you choose the right length and curve of the extensions, so you get a flattering look. The lashes you choose should complement your facial features, your preferences, and should also suit the condition of your natural lashes.

Volume Extensions

Opt for this technique if you would like a more natural 2-3D volume look. To achieve this look, 3 very fine lash extensions are applied to 1 natural eyelash to produce soft and fluffy volume. Patients with fine, sparse natural eyelashes are suitable candidates for this.

When it comes to safety, eyelash extensions are absolutely safe and effective as long as they are done by a licensed and experienced lash technician.

How Lash-Extensions Are Done

The entire procedure takes 1 to 2 hours to get complete. You are supposed to come without any makeup. The technicians will then clean and prep the eyelashes for the adhesion of the false lashes. Your lower lashes will be protected with eye shields and your eyes will remain closed during the treatment. Lash extensions will be attached to your natural eyelashes with a high-quality medical-grade lash extension adhesive. And once the glue completely dries, you can open your eyes.

Make an Informed Decision

Following aftercare instructions is important to maintain the look of your lashes. You can be a candidate for eyelash extension if you do not have dry eye syndrome, inflammation or swelling in the eye area, infectious diseases of the eye, excessively watery eyes, etc. Avoid it if you have had lash perming in the past three months. Therefore, consider all these things before you opt for lash extension.